We are selective about where and with whom we partner on adventure tourism ventures. There are jurisdictional, risk profile and commercial constraints and disciplines to manage. To do it right requires long-term commitment and investment.

Safety is paramount in everything we do, building on our brand reputation and experience.

Our proven adventure tourism systems, expertise and brands mean your tower can have the most advanced safe offering available. We know how to resource and safely develop and operate ventures, with more than 27 years proven and award winning experience.

We have a number of principles that guide our approach to partnering.

Think safe and best

Our worldwide brand and safety record is fundamental to us and we only want to work with resourced, like-minded people with these shared values and disciplines.

We are looking for partners that will want the best, protect us, value us and reward us both long-term. We also want partners that will have fun with us.

Tower owners role in core infrastructure and facilities

We assume the Tower owner will fund, own and maintain any structural infrastructure and facilities and obtain authorisations required for each venture. This reduces legal issues about ownership and access at Towers.

We see tower owners as being best placed to influence local requirements, and to own and control infrastructure and authorisations for continuous operation.

We appreciate that tower owners may have operators or management arrangements for their tower meaning those relationships must be worked through. We will explore alternatives with you if these assumptions are incorrect.

Tower Innovators New Zealand Limited as the exclusive long-term contracted venture design, build and operator

We expect to be the contracted Venture Viability Partner, paid up front to exclusively identify and assess viable options for the tower, and then if the tower is assessed by us as being viable, to be:

  1. The contracted design and build partner (who may or may not fund and own the infrastructure depending on what is required case by case); and
  2. The exclusive long-term contracted venture operator of the adventure tourism ventures run at the tower (which means our interests align) sharing in earnings related to the venture and receiving royalties for our brands used.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this exciting partnership approach with you.